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Invisalign for an Uneven Bite

A healthy, well-aligned bite looks attractive, protects your oral health, and ensures your upper teeth bite or occlude correctly with your lower teeth, fitting slightly outside your lower teeth. When your teeth are not aligned, it is called an uneven bite and can be caused by several problems. These include:

What Problems are Caused by an Uneven Bite?

Having an uneven bite can make it difficult to bite and chew food properly, and you may experience discomfort and pain when you bite your teeth together. An uneven bite can cause problems with your jaw joints, called temporomandibular joints, and can increase the risk of developing temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD.

Temporomandibular joint disorder can cause pain and inflammation in your jaw joints and facial muscles. The discomfort can spread to cause headaches, earaches, and neck aches. An uneven bite can cause severe wear and tear because as you bite down, some teeth will contact before others, increasing the risk these teeth will become chipped and cracked.

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What Can Cause an Uneven Bite?

An uneven bite can be due to genetics or oral habits like teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism) or childhood habits such as mouth breathing, thumb or finger sucking, or tongue thrusting. An accidental injury or trauma can also create an uneven bite. You may have an uneven bite after filling a tooth.

Sometimes a teeth bite adjustment can be helpful. A dentist can carefully adjust the occlusal or biting surfaces of your teeth to achieve the correct bite and ensure any fillings or dental restorations do not interfere with your dental occlusion.

Can Invisalign Correct an Uneven Bite?

Yes, as Invisalign is designed to correct several common bite problems. These include overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites. The success of Invisalign treatment depends on the degree of malocclusion, which can be determined during your initial consultation at South Nassau Dental Arts. Your custom treatment plan will gently yet firmly move your teeth into the proper positions using Invisalign’s clear aligners if you are suitable for treatment.