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Invisalign for Gaps Between Teeth

Many people have gaps between their teeth, and a visible space between two teeth is called a diastema. The most common place to have a gap is between the upper front two teeth. These can look unsightly and may trap dental plaque and food debris, increasing the risk of dental diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease. Invisalign can close these spaces, gently realigning teeth to create a more uniformly appealing smile. In most cases, closing a gap between teeth is a very straightforward process and will not take very long to correct.

Success Stories

I’m glad I’ve chosen his practise

I've always, always had gapped teeth. So, after consultation with Dr Russo, scans, impressions and a lot of consideration, and having my veneers done, I can now finally say that I’m glad I’ve chosen his practise. Would gladly recommend.


Can Invisalign Close Large Gaps between Teeth?

As a rule of thumb, Invisalign works best at closing gaps that are 6 mm or less. If you have a larger gap between your front teeth, Invisalign can minimize it, but it may not close it entirely. If having a small gap between your two front teeth will bother you, we can discuss alternative ways to close it after Invisalign treatment. For example, dental veneers or dental bonding can help close a small gap between teeth.

How Long Will It Take to Close a Gap Between My Teeth?

Each aligner created by Invisalign provides approximately a 0.2 mm movement, so if you have a 2 mm gap between your teeth, it will take around three or four months to close. However, your dental health is unique, so treatment times can vary, and you must bear in mind that each tooth will need to move to ensure gaps between other teeth won’t appear.

Generally, it’s recommended that you wear aligners for between three and six months to help close any gaps between teeth and prevent others from appearing. Also, it’s important to remember that once treatment is complete and a gap is closed, you must continue to wear your retainers to ensure the gap doesn’t reopen. Your teeth can drift back toward their original positions without retainers, wasting all your hard work and money.